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Longbrake History
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Origin and Use of the Lambright/Longbrake Name: Daniel Lambrecht and family originally assumed the Anglicized spelling of Longbrake during the first decade of the 1800s prior to emigrating to Ohio. Marriage records of this family in Ohio (e.g. Fairfield County), are all entered as Longbrake. 

Daniel's land purchases (1800, etc.) list Longbrake, although he retained the German "Lambrecht" signature.

Daniel's pension application filed in 1834 includes both "Lambrecht" and "Longbrake" in reference to him. 

Census records, Virginia 1810 & 1820 and Ohio from 1820 onward, all list Longbrake, not Lambrecht. 

Every Longbrake in Ohio in 1850 can be traced back to Daniel and Elizabeth Longbrake.

The brother of Daniel, both Henry and John Lambrecht and their families chose to use the English translation "Lambright". This can be verified in early nineteenth century records of Frederick County, Maryland for Henry, and Beaver County, Pennsylvania for John. In this large family line we find that only the descendants of Daniel and Elisabeth used the name Longbrake.

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