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Longbrake Documents
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Probate of Estate Jacob Longbreak 12 June 1861

Will Book A, page 492, Logan County, Ohio. Jacob Longbreak of Pleasant Twp. Dec'd. Will probated 12 June 1861. Proven 12 June 1861. [Testimony of witnesses did not satisfy the court and William Longbreak, George Fuson & Michael Swonger also testified to the capacity of the testator to make a Will.] Will mentions sons John and George Longbreak and grand daughter Elizabeth Longbreak. Farm in Pleasant and Washington Twps. Sec. 16T2R14 M.R.S., 95 7.5/100A 'described in the deed made by Joseph Longbreak to said Jacob Longbreak. "Mrs. Mary Longbreak testified that the decedent was past 81 years of age and not under any restraint and of sound mind. William Longbreak testified that he was a grandson of the late Jacob Longbreak and has resided with him for about three years last past, and that he has often heard his grandfather say prior to the execution of the Will that it was his intention to give his farm to his son John and knows that he wrote to John in the year 1860 that if he would come to this county he would give him the farm," and that he had cancelled a former Will by burning the same in the presence of Daniel H. Martin and William Longbreak. Jacob Fuson lived on a farm about one mile from Jacob Longbreak who died about the 5th day of May last, and that "he regarded him as a man of rather obstinate disposition," Michael Swonger who resided within about half a mile of the late Jacob Longbreak about 7 years next preceding his death, testified that Jacob died at 9:00 in the morning during the past fall and winter and before his son John came from Virginia. Court appt. Wm. McMullen, Adm. w/Will annexed. Wit: Daniel H. Martin, Mary A. Longbreak. Signed: Jacob [his x mark] Longbreak, March 11, 1861. 

  •  This information kindly shared by: Joan Ruth Kidwiler (Cites: Probate files, Will Book A 1851-1865, County Clerk's Office, Logan County, Ohio)

Notice - Claim of Administrator or Executor - Against Estate
Revised Statutes, Sec. 6100

To William Longbrake, Agness Longbrake, Armintia M. Ludrick, Deema R. Ludrick, Cora M. Ludrick, Allie I. Ludrick, a minor 15 years of age, Alva B. Ludrick, a minor 12 years of age, Omer E. Ludrick, a minor 10 years of age, Maynard B. Ludrick, a minor 7 years of age, and William P. Ludrick.

You will take notice that I have presented to the Probate Court of Logan County, Ohio, for its allowance to me and my wife, Florence Longbrake, against the estate of Magdelena Longbrake, late of said County, deceased, a certain claim, amounting to $692.36 for board, care, and money advanced to pay taxes during her lifetime, and that said Court has fixed the time for hearing the testimony touching said claim on the 5th day of May, 1916, at one o'clock p.m. Harmon Longbrake,

Administrator of the Estate of said Magdelena Longbrake, deceased.

March 31, 1916

(side note: Magdelena Longbrake is Magdelena Trout)

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