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Before we begin, we have conflicting information and are trying to find documentation to help us sort this out. A couple researchers have shared information with us showing this line as KING. But a new researcher has shared with us that the name actually began as ROY/LEROY. And didn't become KING until coming to America. If you have documentation showing any of the below listed people as a KING/LEROY/ROY we would love a copy of it. Please contact us. Thank you!!!

Generation No. 1

AMABLE ROY m. MARGUERITE GUAY Jun 18, 1827 in Ste. Scholastique, Quebec, Canada.

Children of AMABLE ROY and MARGUERITE GAY are:

1. JOSEPH ROY/LEROY - Information Below

 Generation No. 2

JOSEPH ROY/LEROY b. Dec 17, 1832 in Ste. Scholastique, Quebec, Canada. He m. JULIA MASSON Feb 20, 1860 in St. Raphael, Glengarry, Ontario, Canada. JULIA was b. abt 1838.


1. JOSEPH JR. b. Mar 19, 1861 St. Raphael, Glengarry, Ontario, Canada
2. JOHN BAPTIST PHILIP b. Jun 18, 1863 St. Raphael, Glengarry, Ontario, Canada
3. ALFRED HENRY FRANCES b. Nov. 3, 1865 Ontario, Canada
4. ANNIE DELIDA - Information Below


 Generation No. 3

ANNIE DELIDA LEROY/ KING b. May 06, 1877 in St. Aenda, NY. d. Dec 25, 1922. She m. JOHN WILLIAM MARPEAU Oct 10, 1898 Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. John was b: Jul 20, 1876 in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada d. Feb 27, 1950.

Children of ANNIE KING and JOHN MARPEAU are:

1. MATILDA JULIA "TILLIE" MARPEAU b: Sep 29, 1899 in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
2. MARY ANNE SOPHIA MERPAW b: Aug 23, 1901 in St. Andrews West, Ontario, Canada
3. BERTHA ANNA MERPAW b: Jan 17, 1905 in Cornwall Twp., Stormont County, Ontario, Canada
4. MARY-ELIZABETH MERPAW b: 1906 in Herecamer, NY
5. JOHN JOSEPH LATTEREL MERPAW b: Apr 12, 1907 in Massena, NY


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1. Jacquie Merpaw files sent in 1999
2. Jim Leroux - correspondence 2002
3. Personal Interview with Bertha Ann (Merpaw) Gauthier 1980 in Bradenton, FL.

Copyright 1998-2004 - My Family's Heart Genealogy All information contained within these pages are the personal property of Ruth Ann (nee McGinnis) Gauthier and Tonya Rena (nee Gauthier) Kellum. We kindly ask that you please not take anything from these pages without our written consent first. Much of this information was generously shared with us by other researches and has been so noted. That information is being used with their permission. Thank you kindly!!