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Hook History
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The origin of the name is accredited to mythical personages of the Frisean people. These people lived on the sea coasts and islands adjacent to what is now Holland and Denmark, and were themselves as a branch of that early Northman tribe that later conquered England.

English Names and Their Place
In the Teutonic Family
by Robert Gerguson

In the middle of the 18th century a number of families named Houk, Hok, Hoock, Hoak, later Hook, came to America from Germany and Holland. For the most part they settled in Pennsylvania and Maryland where some of the descendants still live. Other descendants of these families moved west into Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and Missouri. The emigrants from England and Ireland spelled the name with the final "e", but the latter was gradually dropped by succeeding generations until now only a few families cling to the original spelling. The final "e" ties the family to its English and French origin.

There are several theories about the Hook family. Some people claim the family settled in New England and after the American Revolution our branch moved to the Eastern shore of Maryland. There was a large grant of land given to a Humphrey Hook of Bristol, England in the 1600s. His two sons came to America and took charge of this land. Some of their descendants moved to Massachusetts, and others into New Hampshire.

There was a Jeremiah Hook who came to the Eastern shore of Maryland in 1670. He settled in Botgerternorten Hundred, Somerset County. In 1680 his wife Anne, and their three children: Jeremiah, Jr., Roger and Mary, plus a maid, also came to Somerset County. Nothing has been found as to where they came from, but they were not indentured. Mary lived in Richmond County, Virginia, and her father Jeremiah died there in 1712. I have not determined if this is our line or not, but Worcester County was formed from Somerset County in 1742 and Belitha and McKimmey both lived in Borgerternorten Hundred.

According to Patricia Mullen: Belitha Hook died December 6, 1794 in Worcester Co., MD. and Elizabeth died July 1796 in Worcester Co., MD.

Excerpt from a letter written by Mary Panter (sp.?) to Charles Manster on June 17, 1983 - (Patricia Mullen has a copy of letter sent to her by Charles):

"Belitha Hook was the father of McKimmey Hook. He died interstate 6 December 1794. His wife was Elizabeth ?, and she died July 1796. She left something like a will which stated that she wanted her son Thomas to have certain possessions because he took care of her during her illness. She didn't name the other children. It was a statement of people who had heard her say what she wanted Thomas to have in addition to his share of her estate. I found the names of McKimmey, Thomas, and a son also named Belitha. Young Belitha was fourteen years old when his father died, and he was apprenticed to a McKimmey Porter. There were later records where Thomas Hook, his brother, was listed as his guardian. Evidently, McKimmey and Thomas were of legal age when their father died. I believe there was a sister also.

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