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Fleenor Documents
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28th Day of August 1837 Washington Co., VA 

I, Michael FLEENOR of the county of Washington and the state of Virginia being weak in body but of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make this my Last Will and Testament. 

Should I leave any just debts unpaid I direct my executors to pay them as soon as possible after my decease. To my son Thomas W. Fleenor, I will and bequeath the lower end of the tract of land whereon I now live, being that portion where he now resides: The division line to commence at a Lynn and two _hombeams_ on the south side of the river and south side of the tract, and to run from thence to a hickory at the foot of the little mountain and thence in the same direction to the north line of my lands to him and his heirs forever. 

To my son Hiram C. Fleenor and to his heirs forever, I will and bequeath the balance of the plantation whereon I now live subject to the reservation herein after mentioned in favor of my wife Sally. In consideration of this devise I require the said Hiram to pay to my wife Sally the sum of 60 dollars annually during her natural life and at her death to pay to my executors the sum of twelve hundred dollars. 

To my wife Sally, I leave and bequeath during her natural life my Negro woman named China or Chane, the use and occupation of my dwelling house and garden, and also so much of fruit as she may need from the orchard on the land herein bequeath to my son Hiram. Also will and bequeath to my said wife Sally and her heirs, one half of all my household and kitchen furniture and my two horse wagon and should the sixty dollars annually herein directed to be paid her by my son Hiram be not sufficient for her support in a comfortable and easy manner, then I direct that my son Hiram shall pay her as much more as may be necessary for her support, and whatever sum he may thus pay over and above the sum of sixty dollars annually, shall be deducted out of the twelve hundred dollars to be paid at her death. My Negro slave man Toby desiring to live with my son Hiram and it being my intention that he shall be kindly treated, I will and bequeath him to my said son Hiram, and I enjoin it upon him to settle the said Toby by him and give him such indulgence as he can with propriety under the laws of the State. 

At the death of my wife, I will and bequeath my Negro woman slave China or Chane to my son Robert, under injunction that he will take good care of her and treat her well. 

The balance of my estate both real and personal, I direct to be sold by my executors on such credit they may deem proper, and the proceeds thereof together with all money on hand and debts due me, to be equally divided among my children then living and the legal heirs of such of them as may be dead, the heirs of such as may be dead taking the share of their parents in equal proportions, with this exception that should my daughter Rachel Price be living at the time of this distribution, she is to receive no part of the same, but her portion is to go to her children. In this distribution each heir is to be charged with whatever amount he or she may have received from me by way of advancement and those having received least or first to be made equally divided as above mentioned. 

Where any conveyances are necessary for lands sold either by myself or my executors. My executors are hereby authorized and empowered to make such conveyances, with such warranty as my contracts may require or they may think prudent. I hereby appoint my friend David Campbell and my sons Robert and Hiram executors of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made. In testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal this sixth day of July 1837.

Published & pronounced as the last Will & Testament of Michael Fleenor in presence Michael Fleenor, his mark X of us. Abram Mongle Abram Nordyke

At a Court held for Washington County the 28th day of August 1837. The last Will and Testament of Michael Fleenor deceased was exhibited in court and proved by the oath of Abram Mongle and Abram Nordyke the witnesses thereto ordered to be recorded. Robert Fleenor and Hiram Fleenor two of the executors therein named appeared in court and refused the executorship. And on the motion of David Campbell the other executor therein named who took the oath of an executor prescribed by law and entered into & acknowledged his bond in the sum of ten thousand dollars with Jacob Lynch and Robert R. Preston his securities conditioned as the law directs. A certified is therefore granted him for the probate of the said Will in due form. Teste Jacob Lynch, CC

From the annuals of SW VA by summers...Brief pf deeds Bk. 1 

pg 93 9/7/1788 Adam FLEENOR to Michael FLEENOR 80 pounds for 140 acres on Beaver Creek, Branch of the Holson River

pg. 199 Sept. 7, 1791 Jacob FLEENOR to Michael FLEENOR 130 pounds for 190 acres near the waters of Beaver Creek

pg. 200 11 April 1791 Jacob FLEENOR to John FLEENOR 210 acres more or less at head of spring on Beaver Creek, branch of Holston

pg 287 12 Feb 1788- Cornelius CORMACK to Nicholas FLEENOR 150 acres on Abram's Creek

pg. 1261 Feb. 26, 1797 Adam FLEENOR married ? HUNSAKER, Jacob Link-minister...Jan. 11, 1798 David FLEENOR married Caty HUNSAKER, Jacob Link-minister.

From the Wash. Co. Survey Book: 

Page 439 - John Fleenor - 50 ac - treasury warrant #14349 - on the waters of Beaver Creek, a north branch of Holstein River - crossing Fleenor's own land & Nicholas Fleenor's two surveys - January 15, 1795.

Page 453 - John Fleenor - 100 ac - Preemption Warrant #1976 dated December 20, 1781 - on the north of Jacob Fleenors survey on the south side of Walkers Mountain on the waters of Beaver Creek, a south branch of Holstein River - corner to Jacob's survey and with Nicholas Fleenor's line - May 25, 1796."

Page 467 - John Fleenor 100 ac - treasury warrant #1296 dated May 28, 1795

Deed Book 201, pg. 200, Wash. Co., VA. - Records a sale by Jacob Fleenor to John Fleenor on April 28, 1791 of land adjoining Nicholas Fleenor's land.

Sullivan Co., TN. Deed Book 6, Pg. 39 - Records that Jacob gave his son Samuel 88 acres in 1808.

Last Will and Testament of Gasper FLEENOR
January 20, 1823 Washington Co., VA

A memorandum of the last will and testament of Gasper Fleenor. Being in a low state of health but being in sound mind and memory, I dispose of my estate in the following manner, to wit, I will in the first place for all my just debts to be paid, then I bequeath to my beloved wife my plantation during her natural life. Also all my household and kitchen furniture also one horse and cow or as much of the household furniture as she may see
proper to keep. Also, I will to my grandchildren, the children of John Fleenor, my son, dec'd twenty-five dollars each which they are to get when they come of age. Also, my will and request is that the balance of my estate is to be equally divided amongst my children, that is to say, to make them all equal. With what they have received heretofore, excepting Michael Kossel who is to have one hundred dollars more than each of the others for his trouble while living with me. Also it is my Will that Peter Minnech is to be my lawful executor.

Signed and sealed in the presence of these witnesses. Daniel Kalor, Louis Klingelhoegter Signed: GASPAR FLEENOR, S.S. Nathan Smith his X mark

At a Court held for Washington County the 18th day of January 1825. The last Will and Testament of Gasper Fleenor dec'd was exhibited in court and proved by the oath of Daniel Kaylor a witness thereto and ordered to be recorded. -- And on the motion of Peter Minnich the Executor therein named who took the oath of an executor prescribed by law and entered into and acknowledged his bond in the sum of two thousand dollars with
James White his security conditioned as the law directs. -- A Certificate is therefore granted him for the probate of the said Will in due form.

Fleenor Surveys, Warrants & Deeds - Washington Co, VA
FLEENOR, Gaspar 160 Acres WC1782

Surveyed for Gaspar Fleener one hundred and sixty acres of land in Washington County by virtue of the Commissioners certificate appointed for the district of Washington and Montgomery County and agreeable to an Act of the Assembly of Virginia passed May 1779, lying in the Rich Valley on the waters of Trimbles Creek a branch of the North Fork of the Holston River. BEGINNING at two white oaks and a Dogwood on the east side of a branch and running thence South forty-six East 92 poles to a Chestnut and white oak sapling on a steep spur of Walkers mountain and along the foot of the same South sixty-four West 120 poles to a large poplar and Sugar tree; South 40 West 64 poles crossing a branch to a large white oak and small Dogwood South Sixty-five West 40 poles to a large forked Birch thence leaving the mountain North 87 West 65 poles crossing said branch to a red oak and white oak sapling North sixty-one West fifty poles to a poplar on a brushy side of a hill, North twenty West 57 poles to a red oak and white oak on the side of a steep knob North sixty-five East 70 poles to a Spanish oak and white oak on the side of said knob seventy-four East 174 poles along of the foot of said knobs to the Beginning. 

Signed: Robert Preston, S.W.C.
Dated: May 4, 1782

Washington County VA. Deed Book 1
Abstracted by Ms. Shelby I. Edwards

pg. 93 - 7 Sept. 1788. Adam Fleenar to Michael Fleenor for 80 a tract on a branch of Beaver Creek, a branch of Holston River 145 A. by grant on 12 Apr. line of John Teeter's land...

pg. 94 - 7 Sept. 1788. Adam Fleenar to Michael Fleenar for 80 a tract on the waters of Beaver Creek, a branch on Holston River containing 200 A. granted 20 June 1785...Beg. at a line of John Teeters Patent land...crossing meadow creek...corner to Christopher Funkhouser's land.....

From the Washington County Survey Book:

Page 246 - Adam Fleenor, assignee of John Funkhouser...200 ac.. Commissioners Certificate...on the waters of Beaver Creek, branch of Holstein River...Beginning line of John Teeters patent land...crossing Meadow a valley corner to Christopher Funkhousers land...April 2, 1783 - John Funkhouser, assignee of Henry Grimes...200 ac...on the waters of Beaver Creek, surveyed on February 17, 1774...actual settlement made in 1773...August 16, 1781 - Assigned to Adam Fleenor on March, 1783. Signed: John Funkhouser.

Page 255 - Adam Fleenor...145 ac...Treasury Warrant, assigned to Fleenor by John Lathim...on a branch of Beaver Creek, branch of Holstein River...Beginning line of John Teeters land.. November 14, 1784.

Probate, Will & Land information for Abraham Fleenor

Abraham Fleenor, son of Nicholas, died April 9, 1874, age 87 years 11 months and 5 days. He resided with grandson James M. Fleenor and Pheobe Trueblood Fleenor following the death of Abraham's wife Nancy.

Washington County, IN June 24, 1875. Heirs listed as follows:
Sarah, wife of James Payne 1/8 share; Andrew (son) 1/8 share; Abraham (son) 1/8 share; Heirs of deceased son John 1/8 share - Albert M., Cynthia McClary wife of Simon McClary, Alice Fleenor daughter of George D. Fleenor deceased, Zerelda Trublood, Leander G. Fleenor and Lewis R. Fleenor; Heirs of deceased son Squire Fleenor 1/8 share -- Miranda J. Williams, wife of Thomas Williams, Mary Carter wife of Silas Carter, Alfred Fleenor, Christina Peugh wife of Charles Peugh, John, Eliza J., Ira, Benjamin Oscar, and Squire; George W. Fleenor 1/8 share; Heirs of deceased son James C. Fleenor 1/8 share -- Mary E. Elliott wife of Emory O. Elliott, John H., Squire Newon, James, Lewis S. and William D.

Abraham Fleenor was born May 04, 1786 in Washing County, Virginia. Married Nancy Green Bet. 1810 - 1811 in Washington County, Virginia. Both are buried in the Winslow Cemetery, Washington County, Indiana. They raised 8 children. According to a genealogy report in the John Hays Historical Center in Salem, IN which was filed in 1994 by Mrs. Mary Fleenor of Indianapolis, IN, the newly wed couple started their migration with a one horse cart from Virginia. In Kentucky, Abe broke his leg and they were forced to make camp and wait for his leg to heal before they could resume their trek to southern Indiana. It is likely that their first son, John "Tie" Fleenor was born during this lay over. Abraham Fleenor was a Road Builder and Supervisor in southern Indiana. His Will dated June 24,1875 was final in Probate Washington County, Indiana. He served in War of 1812.

Federal Land Patents granted between 1813 and 1853:
March 1, 1813 Receipt #02243. 160 acres purchased for $1.25 per acre. Abraham's residence given as Harrison County, Indiana. Land description as follows: SE quarter of Section 32 in Twnp 3 N of base line in Range 4 E of the prime meridian.
The above land was part of the Illinois grant to George Rogers Clark at the close of the Revolutionary War. Abraham resold the land to Moses Grantham on May 18, 1814 for $282.00, see Book A, Pg 18

His next purchase of a 160 acre parcel was also in Washington County, IN., which was formed in 1813. He paid $1.25 per acre and was at the SE quarter of Section 27 in Twnp 3 N or base line in Range 4 E of the prime meridian. Receipt #03127. Jeffersonville Land Records for this purchased land was February 12, 1814 (his mark).

He added 40 more acres on the northeast side of this land giving him a total of 200 acres.
In 1838 Abraham purchased 80 acres in the NE quarter of Section 36, Twnp 4 N, Range 4 E in Monroe Township.

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