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Fleenor Biographies
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Michael Flinner/Fleenor

Michael Flinner/Fleenor, son of Johannes Flinner and Anna, was born November 28, 1760 in Philadelphia, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania and died August 03, 1837 in Mongle Springs, Washington County, Virginia. He married Sarah "Sally" Linder on December 10, 1781 in Abingdon, Washington Co., Virginia. She was born on July 08, 1765 in Washington County, Virginia and died July 09, 1853 in Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia. She was the daughter of (George Anton) Anthony Linder and Mary Newland. Michael is buried in the Fleenor Cemetery #89, Washington County, Virginia. They raised a family of 14 children.

According to researcher Michael Meek: Michael Flinner served in the American Revolution in the western part of Virginia at various times from 1777 to 1780. On March 26, 1833 he applied for a soldiers pension, his soldier certificate was 12609 under the act of June 7, 1832. The pension was granted and he received $51.66 per annum issued May 11, 1833. Buried: Fleenor Cemetery #89, Wash. Co., VA.

Michael was a Justice of Wash. Co., VA. on the 19th of June, 1821.

Michael was a veteran of the American Revolution War.

W7288, Virginia Service, Revolution War Pension - Michael Fleenor, Sally, Richmond Agency - Soldier's Certificate 12609, $51.66 per annum issued 11 May 1833, Act of 7 June 1832. Sent to David Campbell, Abingdon Court House, Virginia. Widow's certificate 6445, $51.66 per annum issued 29 Nov. 1844, act of 3 March 1843. Send Gov. David Campbell, Abingdon, Virginia, and widow's certificate 4695 Richmond, Va. $51.66 issued 28 March 1849 from 4 March 1848. Sent to pensioner at Abingdon, Va. Michael Fleenor deposed 28 March 1833 that he was born in Bucks Co., PA. From this county he was informed his father (not named) removed to Lancaster County, Pa., thence to Frederick County, Maryland. Michael Fleenor removed to Holston and settled in country now Washington County, VA. in May 1775, and lived there ever since he related service from summer 1777, guarding the Glen Hollow Fort on the Clinch against the Indians, for two months, under Lt. William Blackburn and Col. Evan Shelby. In 1778 he served for three months on the same frontier and substituted for his brother, Jacob Fleenor. The following men served with Michael in the Revolutionary War, and on 22 Jan 1833 they deposed (declared under oath) in behalf of claimant. Ezekiel Hobbs, 20 Nov 1832, nearly 70 years, John McCullock, 71 years, James Keys, 27 Nov 1832, James Vance, 73 years, 28 Jan 1833, John Mobley 22 Jan 1833, all of Washington County, VA., and William Snodgrass 10 Dec 1832, Sullivan Co., TN. Service was summer of 1777, two months Private under Lt. Wm. Blackburn, Col. Evan Shelby and three months under Capt. John Adam Bledsoe, Col. Evan Shelby, also Capt. Aaron Lewis. Saw two months service in 1780 under Capt. Edmondson and Lt. Willoughby, and then in the fall of 1780 he served 1 1/2 months under Col. William Campbell. He enlisted in Wash. Co., VA. and resided there when he applied for a pension, 26 March 1833-Claim Allowed. Aged 76 years, born in Bucks Co., PA. He died August 3, 1837, married in Washington Co., VA. 10 December 1781 to Sally Lyndar. Widow Sally Fleenor applied for a widow's pension under the act of 3 March 1843 and 7 June 1844, on 21 August 1844, resident of Wash. Co., Va., widow of Michael Fleenor who served in the Revolution. Had a large family of children (names not given). She signed her mark with an X. She deposed (declared under oath) that she was married by Rev. Taylor, but no record found in the Clerks Office. She and her husband raised a large family of children, sons and daughters, all provided for and portioned off by said Michael Fleenor. In his last will he provided for his wife, stated by David Campbell, J.P. Mrs. Mary Mungle, 83, deposed 29 August 1844, resident of Wash. Co., VA., that she was well acquainted with Sally Fleenor, they now live within two miles of each other. Sally applied for a pension 18 November 1848, act of 29 July 1848 before Abram Mongle, J.P., Wash. Co., VA. This pension was abstracted by Mable Van Dyke Baer of Washington, D.C. Copied from CHEDWATO and supplement Vol.12-1965 by Larry Fleenor


Michael migrated from Bucks Co., PA., the place of his birth, to Berks Co., PA., to Lancaster, PA. to Fredericks Co., Maryland. From there in 1775 he migrated down to Wash. Co., Virginia.

It was noted in the records of his will that Michael had a brother Jacob, of whom little is known.

John C. Flinner/Fleenor

John C. FLINNER/FLEENOR, son of Johannes Flinner and Anna, was born between 1756 - 1757 in Philadelphia, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania and died September 14, 1819 in Washington County, Virginia. He married Catherine Gobble about 1779. Catherine died in Washington County, Virginia. Both were buried in Old Stone Hendricks Cemetery # 10, Washington Co., Virginia. We believe they raised a family of 12 children.

According to Denise Fleenor Spenik, John C. was born in 1757 and is buried in Old Stone, Hendricks Cemetery 10, Washington Co., VA. He is buried near the corner of routes 614 and 622 along route 614. Headstone illegible, but shows him buried with his son, Wesley Lewis Fleenor and Wesley's wife Jane Grey, who died 1882 and 1879 respectively.

According to Larry R. Fleenor, John C. died 1819.

According to Marlene Walker, descendant of John C., believes he was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and died in Abingdon, Washington Co., VA. on Sept. 14, 1819. Marlene says she has land records that show John C. owned land in Wash. Co., VA. She believes he had some land on Walkers Mountain. She says the Fleenor family was so large and they used the same name so often, you never know if the information you have is for the correct person.

Jacob W. Flinner/Fleenor

Jacob W. was Johannes Flinner & Anna's first son to be born in America. It has been documented that he was born in Bucks County, PA. about 1750 by statements in Michael Flinner/Fleenor's application for a pension following military service in the Revolutionary War. Michael was Jacob's brother. Jacob was one of the original Fleenor settlers in Wash. Co., VA., who came down from PA. through Maryland, and into Washington County, Virginia about 1775. His ancestors came over from Germany. Other Fleenors settling in southwest Virginia during this time were Nicholas, Michael, Casper, John and Adam.


Jacob owned land in Washington County, Virginia and also in Tennessee according to the following records:

Record of Entries and Survey of Wash. Co., VA. No.1, pg. 17 - Surveyed for Jacob Fleenor, four hundred acres lying on the headsprings of a branch of Beaver Creek the waters of the Holston River, beginning at a corner of Nicholas Fleenor's land. "We the commissioners for the district of Washington and Montgomery counties so certify that Jacob Fleenor, assignee of Henry Grymes who was assignee of James Darberty is entitled to four hundred acres of land lying in Washington County at the head of Meadow Creek, joining Beaver Creek waters to include his improvement he having proved to the court he is entitled to the same by actual settlement made in the year 1775 as witness our hands this 21st day of August, 1781."

In Zink Families of America by Dora Kellogg, pg. 313 - Records a sale by Jacob Fleenor to Jacob Zink, April 11, 1791, 190 acres on headwaters of Beaver Creek.


From the book " Receipt For An Inheritance" by Margery Francis Day Hanson, Jacob was confirmed in St. Peters. Church Frederick County, Maryland in 1771 age 17. He purchased 400 acres 1781 in Washington Co., Virginia. He left his son Samuel 88 Acres in a Land Deed 1808 in Bluff City, Sullivan Co., TN.

Gasper Flinner/Fleenor

Gasper/ Casper Fleenor was born March 4, 1750 in Württemberg, Germany, and died January 11, 1825 in Washington Co., Virginia at 74 yrs. of age. His body was interred in Fleenor Baptist Church Cemetery, Washington, VA., US. (From Wilma Smith - Jul 15, 2002 - "Today we found the cemetery where Gasper Fleenor and wife are listed as being buried in "High on a Windy Hill". Gaspers Creek is nearby. There are now two or three unreadable stones there and a huge tree apparently fell on some stones but I don't think Gaspers. I think it just deteriorated. It was just that I was hoping we could prove the information.)

He married Margaretha Andtes in Woodsboro, Frederick Co., Va. on November 24, 1772 in Woodsboro, Frederick Co, Maryland. Margaretha was born March 5, 1750 in Frederick Co., Maryland, and was the daughter of Wilhelm Andtes and Elizabeth. Margaretha died June 10, 1829 in Washington Co., Virginia at 79 yrs. of age. Her body was interred in Fleenor Baptist Church Cemetery, Washington County, Va., US.


The following information is recorded in the records of Grace Evangelical Lutheran or St. Peters Church of Rocky Hill, Maryland:

Pg. 14 - Baptism: formerly St. Peters now Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church:
Adam. B: 5 Feb. 1774 Son of Casper Flinner and Margaretha - Bapt. 25 Mar 1774 Sponsors: Johannes & Anna

Pg. 108 - Communion - Casper Flinner: 24 Sept. 1769, 17 yrs old among those who have been confirmed and who have renewed their baptismal vows. Son of Johannes Flinner

Pg. 376 Record of Evangelical Lutheran Church of Frederick City, Md. - Marriage Record: 1772- Casper Flinner, Johannes Flinner's legit. single son to Margaretha Andtes, Wilhelm Andtes' legt. single daughter, both living on Israel's Creek in Frederick Co., Md. Proclaimed 8th, 15th, 22nd of Nov. Married 24 November 1772


Following info. provided by Larry Flinner 3/2001: Here is a mention of his marriage. The source is a small hardback book entitled _FREDERICK, MARYLAND LUTHERAN MARRIAGES AND BURIALS 1743-1811_ by Frederick Sheely Weiser.

Married in 1772 by Johann Andreas Krug, pastor at the time in Frederick city
Nov. 24 (entry #) 24. Caspar Flinner, Johannes Flinner's legitimate single son and Margaretha Andtes, Wilhelm Andtes' legitimate single daughter, both residing on Isreal's Creek in Frederick County. Proc. Nov. 8, 15, 22."

From Jerry D. Sharrett 7-2001: Notes for CASPER FLEENOR: In 1769 Casper (Gasper) settled on 250 acres of land in Rich Valley, Washington County Va. This land was surveyed August 17, 1761. In 1775 he obtained an additional 160 acres in Rich Valley.

Adam Fleener

Adam Flinner/Fleener was born February 05, 1739/40 in Württemberg, Germany, and died June 04, 1793 in Dripping Springs, Sumner Co., TN. or Logan Co., KY. He was the first child of Johannes Flinner and Anna, and was was probably a young teenager when his parents and siblings migrated from Germany.

According to researcher Michael Meek: Adam lived for a time in Wash. Co., Virginia, near his brothers. In 1788 he sold his land holdings to his brother Michael and moved to Sullivan Co., TN. where he is listed in the 1792 Tax records. Before 1793 he moved his family to Robertson Co., TN. He was killed by Indians in June 1793 at Dripping Springs, which is located near Oak Grove in Sumner Co., TN. Following his death the family moved to Logan Co., KY. Sons of Adam, Moses & Isaac, inherited his Robertson Co., Tennessee lands, which they later sold.

According to researcher Rick Flener: Adam left PA. and moved to Virginia about 1780. Adam lived for a time in Washington Co., Virginia near his brothers. In 1778 he sold his land holdings, 341 acres, to his brother Michael Fleenor and moved to Sullivan Co., Tennessee, where he is listed in the 1792 tax records (still a part of N.C., it became a state in 1796). Before 1793 he moved his family to Robertson Co., Tennessee.

It seems that Adam and other members of his party were in route from Tennessee to Red River, in Logan Co., KY., for salt. On the way there they stayed the night at the home of Thomas Chapman, in what is now Warren Co., KY., where Thomas operated a horse mill. Shortly after departing for Tennessee, there was gunfire, and Chapman rushed out to find an ambush by Creek Indians, finding Adam and party killed. This is now where the intersection of I-65 and Natcher Pkwy is. Others killed in the incident were Richard Robertson and William Bartlett. Wounded were Abraham Young and John Mayfield. While staying with the Chapman's Adam mentioned he feared he would never see his wife and children again. He is buried in an unmarked grave at Three Springs, TN. (According to Michael Meek, Adam is buried in an unmarked grave in Logan Co., KY.)

According to "History of Brown Co., IN", 

John Fleener was the pioneer grandfather of most of the southern Indiana Fleener's, born 1769 - died 1853, who came to Indiana from Wash. Co., VA. where he had married Elizabeth Hensley. They settled near Salem, IN. where they raised 8 children. One son, Jacob, 1803 - 1865, came here and lived in northern Jackson Twp. Another son Abraham Sr. had a son named Abraham, Jr. (1819- 1897)- nicknamed "Crocket Abe", who obtained land from the government and farmed on the present site of Lake Lemon in Jackson Twp., Brown Co. (this is the same John Fleener listed in History of Page Co., IA.)

According to the "History of Page County, Iowa", pub. in 1890

John Fleener (spelled with an er, not or) was born about the year 1770, and served in the Revolution War about 6 months before its close. He became a farmer, and was united in marriage to a Miss Hensler, and they had born to them nine children. Nicholas, their oldest son, was under General Harrison in the War of 1812, and at the Battle of Tippecanoe he was severely wounded, twenty-four bullets passing through his clothing. The mother died (Elizabeth), and Mr. Fleenor married in Virginia, Miss Mary Gibson, to whom were born ten children, Isaac Fleener being next to the youngest. The father removed to Washington County, Indiana, in 1811, and settled near Salem, in a heavy timber section, his nearest neighbor being fifteen miles distant. It was here that Issac was born. His mother (Mary) died when he was about two years old, and the father married a third time, to Miss Rebecca Portroff. She became the mother of five children. This was indeed an old-fashioned pioneer family, numbering twenty-four children. Mr. Fleener was a successful hunter, and as all sorts of game was plentiful his family was supplied with the best of meats. He lived to the great age of nine-two years. He was Presbyterian in his religious faith and possessed all the virtues of an old-time American pioneer. Isaac Fleener, son of John and Mary Fleener, was born August 22, 1827, on his father's farm in Washington County, Indiana. The dwelling on this farm was built of brick, a very uncommon thing in Indiana at this date. (this is the same John Fleener listed in History of Brown Co., IN.)

From the History of Washington County, Indiana 1916-1976

Michael and Mary Jane (Hodgins) Fleenor, married Dec. 3, 1880, and had the following children: Dora, Bertha, Florence, Alma and Alva, twins- Alva died 7-17-1886 With encephalitis), Elisha, Luther and Lula, twins (Luther served in W W I, Lula died at 5 Mos. Louisa and twin girls, Sarah and Mary who died at the age of 5 from measles and whooping cough. Michael Fleenor taught school in Jackson County, and at the Hodgens School, "State of Gibson." He was crippled from T. B. in his hip joint. Michael Fleenor's father, John Benjamin Fleenor, Jr., came to Indiana.. with his brother, Hugh, from Washington County, Virginia. Hugh was born Jan. 20, 1812, John, June 2, 1816. John married, Louisa Bowman Apr.29, 1838 in Washington County, Indiana. Their 11 children were: William Henderson, Benjamin Franklin, James Monroe, George Washington, Alfred Morris, John Wesley, Sara Catherine, Michael Robbins, Mary Jane, Susanne, and Elisha. Four of these Fleenor brothers served in the Civil War. Louisa Bowman Fleenor, b. February 7, 1814, in Blount County, Tennessee, daughter of John and Catherine Bowman. John, the son of William Bowman, Revolutionary Soldier, was dead when his father's will was probated. Neither of their graves have been located. Catherine Bowman is buried in the Mead-Wilson cemetery. in Polk Township. where they came in 1830.

Edgar A. Fleenor Information

Edgar Fleenor was born 7 Apr 1871 on his father's farm in Crothersville, Jackson Co., Indiana. He was the first child of Benjamin Franklin Fleenor & Sarah Emeline Gross. His two sisters were born a few years later. There were complications in childbirth soon after Edgar's second sister Sarah Louise was born. His mother died 2 Feb 1878, just before Edgar's 7th birthday. So with three small children to raise Benjamin married Emily Williams on 1 June 1879. Emily had just lost her first husband, Joseph Hitchcock, after a few short yrs. of marriage, and became mother of Benjamin's children. Soon Benjamin & Emily had three more children, so Edgar had a step-sister and two step-brothers.

Edgar helped on his father's farm as a young lad, and then as a Planning Mill Operator, but this is not where his heart was. He was raised in a Christian home where the Bible was often read, and was saved at an early age. It was said that his father preached some. As Edgar got older he would often travel by horse as a Circuit-Rider Preacher to different churches in cities as far away as Ohio, Kentucky and Virginia. While attending a Camp Meeting at the Church of God Headquarters in Kentucky he met his wife, Clara Amelia Luther, who was also in the service of the Lord. They were married 20 June 1901 in New Albany, Floyd Co., Indiana.

Shortly thereafter they moved to Beford, Lawrence Co., Indiana, and over the next seven years they had four children, a set of twins, Willard & William, a son Oris, and my mother, Naomi Ruth. It wasn't long after arriving in Bedford that Edgar became the Pastor of the small Church of God in town. He served there for nearly 13 years when he received a call to start a church in Alexandria, Indiana. So Edgar moved his family, and little belongings they had, traveling to Alexandria by train, which was very exciting to the family, especially my young mother of five years of age.

Edgar was founder and Pastor of the Church of God of Alexandria for the following 36 years, well known and respected in the community he and Clara served all those years. He married many family members, including his granddaughter, my sister Sue, in the fall of 1954. Just one year later Edgar was called home to be with the Lord on 23 Aug 1955, whom he had loved and served all his life. Below are newspaper clippings:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Following is an Article from Tampico (no date)

Fifty Years Ago

Sunday night while Edgar Fleenor and his best girl (Clara) were on their way to church, the horse became frightened and ran away, throwing the driver and his company from the cart, leaving them with some slight wounds and bruises. The horse, cart and harness soon dissolved partnership, with little damage to all.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Following is an article in Alexandria Cent. Magazine (1930)

The Church of God had it's beginning in Alexandria, Indiana, some years ago in the way of a small Sunday School in September, 1913. Rev. E. A. Fleenor moved from Bedford to Alexandria at that time. Services were held in a small building on North Canal Street. In the fall of 1914 a tent meeting was held on a vacant lot back of the old Masonic Hall, now the Glove Factory. At the close of the meeting a place was rented on S. Harrison St., now occupied by Dr. Fred Carey. Later a place was rented on Washington and Canal Street. Then a lot and a building were purchased on the N/W corner of John & West Street. The building was torn down and a small brick building was erected. In 1927 it was destroyed by fire, but by 1929 it was rebuilt, including an area for Sunday School work.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Following is an Article from the Tribune, Seymore, IN.:

E.A. Fleenor Elected President of Fleenors at Annual Reunion The Rev. E.A. Fleenor, of Alexandria, IN., was re-elected president of the Fleenor family at their annual reunion Sunday in Gaiser's Park. Mrs. Annie Williams, of Franklin, was elected secretary-treasurer and after the election of officers there was a varied program.

Those who attended were the Rev. E. A. Fleenor, of Alexandria, Hugh Fleenor of Marion, Mrs. Louise Fleenor Nichols, of Salem, Mr. & Mrs. Willard Fleenor, of Alexandria, A. J. Spriggs, of Bloomington, the Rev. William A. Fleenor, of Anderson, N. H. Fleenor of Bloomington, Margie Moody, of Little York, Mr. & Mrs. Harold Peugh, of Aurora, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Thompson of Salem, Amy and Mary Williams of Salem, Otto Fritch of Bloomington, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Callaway of Salem, Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Callaway of Salem, Jesse L. Fleenor, of Scottsburg, Mrs. Daisy Fleenor Crowe, of Bedford, Maude Fleenor Sayers of Paris Crossing, D. F. Carter of Ewing, Mr. & Mrs. Omer Williams of Salem, Mr. & Mrs. Preston Yount, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph E. Hall of Indianapolis, Mr. & Mrs. Dale Morgan of Seymour, Mrs. Eva Reynolds, Nancy and Joyce Prince of Crothersville, Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Fleenor McGinnis, and Jamie Fleenor of Salem, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Robbins and children, all of Seymour, Mr. & Mrs. John A. Williams of Franklin, Larry R. Fleenor and Lee Fleenor of Scottsburg, Hugh Fleenor of Scottsburg, Otis Nichols of Salem, Mrs. C. M. Belson of Noblesville, Ray E. Fleenor of Scottsburg, and Minnie Fleenor Collins and Fred Collins of Seymour.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The following is a short letter written to my cousin Larry R. Fleenor, grandson of Rev. Edgar A. Fleenor, and well known Fleenor researcher (no date and can not make out name of person)

Dear Larry,

You probably have this already, but I found this in one of my mother's scrap books, which also has a picture of them both, but it was stuck tight in the book. My mother might have known them (referring to Rev. Fleenor & Clara), for she was raised in Gibson Twp. She was Susan Rachel Weeks, daughter of Joseph Weeks and Sarah Jane Morris. My father was Niles E. Trueblood, son of William Alexander Trueblood and Elizabeth Lizzaann Payne. He was born and raised in Delaney Creek, Washington County, Indiana. (I think the writer is referring to Rev. Fleenor marrying her parents, Niles Trueblood and Susan Weeks)

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