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Chidester Pictures
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Brian & Sandy Chidester's Wedding - May 18, 1985 Allen Park, Wayne Co., MI.

L-R: Clarence McGinnis, Ruth McGinnis, Gary McGinnis, Sue Chidester, James Chidester, Brian Chidester, Sandy Arevalo, Fred Chidester, Isabelle Chidester-Hazen, & Lawrence Hazen (lady you can see face is the 3rd w/o Fred, Bernice Walker)

Brian & Sandy Chidester's Wedding - May 18, 18\985 Allen Park, Wayne Co., MI.

L-R: Lawrence Hazen & 2nd Wife Isabelle (Miller) Chidester, Clarence & Ruth McGinnis, Bernice Walker & husband Fred Chidester (full name: Frederick Norton Chidester, f/o James Ford Chidester & s/o Ford Glen Chidester)

Headstone for Ford James Chidester

b: June 2, 1936

d: Feb 25, 2000


Frederick "Fred" Norton Chidester & wife Bernice L. Walker

(Baby's name unknown)

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