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Banner Exchange


Does your genealogy site have a banner, we would love to place it on our site for others to see. In the process why not take ours & place it on your site. Drop us an email with your banner & code for us to add below. Thank You!!!  VIEW BANNERS WHO JOINED US BELOW. 

Here are Our Banners - Choose the One You Like (Codes Below Banners) Just right click over the banner and save it to your hard drive, and upload it to your website from there - Thank You!!! 

We only have a few simple rules that we ask before you send us your banner.

1. ABSOLUTELY - NO Pornographic Sites, your site MUST be family oriented. What does that mean, it means that a site must be safe for viewing by our children. Sites will be checked before being added to our site!!
2. Genealogy related sites only.
3. Please sign our Guest Book on our home page so we know you stopped by. This is not mandatory.
4. Pick the banner you like below, we offer 3 different ones. The code you need is below each one.

<center><a href=""><img src="MyFamHrtGenBanner1.jpg" border="1" alt="My Family's Heart Genealogy"></center>

<center><a href=""><img src="banner1.jpg" border="1" alt="My Family's Heart Genealogy"></center>

<center><a href=""><img src="banner2.jpg" border="1" alt="My Family's Heart Genealogy"></center>

Once you add our banner to your site please send an email to Tonya at so we can view your site and if you have a banner we will add it below. It might even make it in our banner of the month. Something we do to honor those who share our love of Genealogy. 

Visit the site of those who have Exchanged Banners with us!!
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