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2003 Awards - We Are So Honored - Thank You!!

It is with great pleasure that we present you with the very first Gaunt and Salway Family Tree award for Genealogy Excellence to be awarded in recognition of all your hard work and dedication in preserving Genealogy. Carrie-ann Salway (Gaunt & Salway Family Tree) 3-1-2003

On behalf of the Cooper Home Place (a personal family genealogy site) I am very honored and proud to present you with "The Highest Award of Excellence & Honor of a Genealogy Site." You have done a great amount of hard work and your site proves that. Please accept this award as a token of my gratitude & respect for you and your work. Kieth Harold Silvia (The Cooper Home Place)

2002 Awards - What a Blessing - Thank You!!

Please accept this award as a token of my admiration for such a wonderful site. Your hard work and dedication are truly obvious. You must be filled with pride from your accomplishments. Angela (Echoed Voices)

It's people like you who are willing to go that extra step & share your findings is what makes the genealogy community so wonderful. Thank you, not only your toil, but also your willingness to share your research with the rest of the world! Connie Spindel (Connie's Family History Pages)

Journey of the Heart Award

Congratulations! Because your genealogy site shows the love and hard work you have put into searching your history, and helping others with theirs, we are pleased to award you our Journey of the Heart Award. Leslie (Wall Family Tree) 8-9-2002

The website that you submitted to Ancestry Connections, has been reviewed and has been approved for the A. C. Genealogy Award. Dewanna (Ancestry Connections) 9-8-2002

Thank you so much for letting us visit your website. We are always pleased to award great genealogy sites with our Life Span Award! You have worked hard on your site and it shows. Barrie Petty (Life Span Genealogy) 9-10-2002

I found your site wonderful! It is very well done and informative and I love the way that you set it up! Genealogy sure is addicting isn't it?? Paula (Families Connect) 9-13-2002

Thank you for sharing your wonderful site with me! It is an asset to the genealogy community! Paula (Got Genealogy) 9-13-2002

Hello Tonya and Ruth. First let me say thank you for your hard work and dedication on your website. I enjoyed visiting very much and found your site to be well organized, very easily navigated and on top of all that it looks great! For these reasons, I would be pleased to award you with White Feather's Excellence in Web page Design! Serena (Serena's Family Tree) 9-18-2002

Your site also shows your hard work through research and genealogy. My Family's Heart Genealogy is creative, with wonderful content and a terrific value to the genealogy community! For your dedication to family and genealogy I would be pleased to award you with White Feather's Award of Excellence also. Serena (Serena's Family Tree) 9-18-2002

Thank you DeWanna for this wonderful award. We accept it with great honor and would like to thank you in return for the wonderful work you do with your site. DeWanna (Plant Your Family Tree) 10-3-2002

Copyright 1998-2004 - My Family's Heart Genealogy All information contained within these pages are the personal property of Ruth Ann (nee McGinnis) Gauthier and Tonya Rena (nee Gauthier) Kellum. We kindly ask that you please not take anything from these pages without our written consent first. Much of this information was generously shared with us by other researches and has been so noted. That information is being used with their permission. Thank you kindly!!