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Anspach Marriages
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Indiana Marriages through 1850

(Note: This information came from the Indiana State Library Genealogy Division through 1850

Groom Bride County Date
*Chriss, Abraham Anspach, Catherine Decatur 10/26/1842
Reed, William Anspach, Christenia Decatur 10/13/1850
Reed, Jacob Anspach, Eliza Decatur 4/24/1838
Ridlen, Samuel Anspach, Elizabeth Shelby 9/16/1847
**Anspach, Jaacob Ackerman, Louisa Perry 11/2/1848
Anspach, Jacob Lefler, Saloma Decatur 2/5/1837
Anspach, Jacob Egolf, Julia Ann Whitley 7/7/1846
Mann, James Anspach, Margaret Decatur 7/2/1844
Miller, Samuel Anspach, Mary Decatur 4/29/1841
Anspach, Peter Barnet, Amilda Brown 9/16/1855
Anspach, Peter Lanning, Ann Decatur 7/31/1838
Anspach, Solomon Hively, Mary Whitley 9/19/1844
Anspach, Thomas Ridlen, Elsey Decatur 9/30/1847

*Note: Abraham Chriss & Catherine Anspach is our direct line.

**Note - We have not found a connection to our line with this couple, if you can help us, please send us an email. Thank You!!

Decatur County, Indiana Marriage Records 1822-1852 Pages 2 & 82

-----Page 2-----

Book Page Date Groom Bride
C 276 Feb 5, 1837 Anspach, Jacob Lefler, Saloma
C 489 Feb 26, 1852 Anspach, John Waddle, Sarah
D 92 Jul 31, 1838 Anspach, Peter Lanning, Ann
C 41 Sep 30, 1847 Anspach, Thomas Ridlen, Elsey

-----Page 82-----

Book Page Date Groom Bride
** F 87 Oct 26, 1842 Criss, Abraham Anspach, Catherine
G 358 Oct 13, 1850 Reed, William Anspach, Christenia
D 70 Apr 24, 1838 Reed, Jacob Anspach, Elisa
F 341 Jul 2, 1844 Mann, James Anspach, Margaret
E 136 Apr 29, 1841 Miller, Samuel Anspach, Mary

**Note: Abraham Criss & Catherine Anspach are our direct line

Decatur County, Indiana Marriage Records 1852-1878 Pages 2 & 3

-----Page 2-----

Book Page Dage Groom Bride
J 532 Jun 22, 1871 Anspach, John Buckley, Mary J.
H 393 Jul 16, 1857 Anspach, Joseph G. Buckley, Mary J.
H 48 Sep 8, 1853 Anspach, Peter Rouze, Sarah J.

**Note: We are looking for the connection on this Mary J. Buckley who is married to John Anspach. We don't have this couple in our files. If you can help us please email us at Thank you very much.

-----Page 3-----

Book Page Date Groom Bride
? 125 Mar 24, 1867 Lemaster, Fielding Aunspaugh, Catherine
** ? 152 Mar 26, 1861 Parkison, Moses Aunspach, Salome
H 496 Aug 12, 1858 Titsworth, Abraham Aunspach, Sarah L.

**Note: Salome Aunspach was married to Jacob Anspach before Moses Parkison. Her maiden name is Leffler.

Decatur County, Indiana Marriage Records 1878-1905 Page 3

Book Page Date Groom Bride
P 50 May 19, 1900 Anspaugh, Clyde Moore, Ella
L 22 Dec 24, 1877 Anspaugh, Francis M. Critser, Elizabeth
M 254 Aug 3, 1886 Anspaugh, George M. Kelchner, Laura C.
L 261 Feb 26, 1880 Mount, Alfred Anspach, Mary M.
? ? Feb 6, 1879 Roberts, John W. Anspach, Sarah J.
? ? Aug 30, 1902 Bruner, Thomas J. Anspaugh, Ella V.
M 251 Jul 15, 1886 Thompson, Aaron M. Anspaugh, Josie F.
L 499 Sep 28, 1882 Brooks, Theodore T. Anspaugh, Lydia
? ? Mar 21, 1895 Embry, Orlando Aunspaugh, Etta

Shelby County, Indiana Marriage Records 1856-1920








Jan 27, 1909

Ansbaugh, Frank

Jackson, Lora M



Dec 25, 1906

Rose, James Rollie

Anspaugh, Allie May



Jul 30, 1904

Anspaugh, George

Green, Maude M



Apr 25, 1858

Anspaugh, John

Parkerson, Jane



Jul 7, 1882

Miller, John

Anspaugh, Louisa

Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio Records of Marriage 1826

Book Page Date Groom Bride
1 218 Dec 18, 1825 Anspach, John Bailey, Lydia

Central Pennsylvania Marriages

Page I, Part I, Miscellaneous Marriages 1700-1896

Date Groom County Bride
Tuesday, 1744 Anspach, John Berks Fisher, Ann Elizabeth

**Note: Sebastian is Ann Elizabeth's Father

Page 16, Part II, Marriages of Union County, Pennsylvania 1795-1829

Date Groom Bride
11/14/1826 Alspach, William Shively, Catherine

Pg 25, Part IV, Marriages of Rev. J.P. Shindel, Jr., Snyder & Union Co., Pennsylvania 1835-1887

Date Groom County Bride County
12/3/1871 Amspacher, Amos York Haines, Malinda Snyder

Pg 51, Part VI, Marriages of Rev. Charles G. Erlenmeyer, Snyder Co., Pennsylvania 1840-1875

Date Groom County Bride
3/14/1843 Anspach, Rev. J.G. Hifflinburg, PA. Schoch, Susan

Illinois Statewide Marriages 1763-1900

Note: This information came from the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index 1763-1900 

Anspach, Calvin C. Brogan, Delia Whiteside 1/4/1894 00008883
Anspach, George B. Cohenour, Mary L. Whiteside 1/9/1889 00007559
Anspach, Henry F.  Uber, Annie Cook 11/27/1890 00161015
Alspach, J.W.
(s/o Daniel&Elizabeth)
Gross, Mary M.
(d/o Simon&Mary)
Ogle 6/28/1893 002/00008324
Alspach, Oscar O. Cook, Claudia B. Madison 11/28/1895 9/297 3859
Colclasure, Jacob Anspach, America Clay 2/26/1860 00B/0096
Fergerson, John Anspach, Elizabeth Clay 4/10/1862 B/215
Powell, William E. Anspach, Ellen (Mrs.) Effingham 9/12/1872 00B/0122
Gerichs, H.S. Anspach, Jennie Wayne 10/26/1892 C/95
Giffrow, Hermann Anspach, Louisa Whiteside 2/14/1894 00008919
Rittermann, Isak Rev. Anspach, Rosa Cook 11/25/1878 OOC/00038275
Hogarth, James Anspach, Sallie Whiteside 2/14/1899 00010239
Unknown, Stephen H. Anspach, Susan Clay 7/21/1861 B/186
Hight, John Alspach, Sarah Kane 12/30/1852 /1804

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