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Anspach Documents
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Berks County, Pennsylvania
Will Book 2, pg 289
Dated 21 Jan 1777 - Probated 10 May 1777

Last Will and Testament of
Johannes Anspach of Tulpehocken

In the name of the All Holiest Trinity, Amen.

I, Johannes Anspach, of Tulpehocken Township, Berks County, am very weak of bodily strength; but, to this day, praise God, of good understanding and thought, do make, by these presents, my known last will and testament.

First, I commend my soul to Almighty God, who has given it to me; and my body, however, to earth to be buried in a Christian Manner.

Further, I give to my beloved son, Johann Adam, my place or plantation, whereon I presently live, which contains, in the whole, one hundred and fifty nine acres, with all of the thereon found buildings, for him, the said, Johann Adam, and his heirs, to hold and to use. On the other hand, shall the said, Johann Adam and his heirs be bound to give and pay out seven hundred pounds, current money of Pennsylvania; of which , one hundred pounds shall be paid to my beloved wife, Anna Elizabeth, with the customary interest if she so desires, until completion of payment of one hundred pounds. The remaining six hundred pounds, yearly, and without interest. With fifty pounds deducted, and with a year of grace; thereafter, the first payment by my said son, Johann Adam, shall be made to my beloved son, Johannes, as he is bound.

Further, I give and bequeath to my beloved son, Johann Jacob, five pounds of Pennsylvania money, in advance, above all of that he already possesses and for that which is yet to come, to be paid out of movables on hand. Further. I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Anna Elizabeth, all of the movable household goods she desires, and with it, to manage to her best thinking either to use for herself, or what she finds unnecessary, to place it on sale for the benefit of the children.

Further, My said wife, in addition to the household goods, shall have from the sale of movables, three hundred pounds, in advance, of current Pennsylvania money.

Further, The above said, Johann Adam, must give to his mother, Anna Elizabeth, yearly, for his having taken possession of the said plantation, yearly, as many apples as she has need for; and at her desire, she must be given a third share of the garden. Further, my beloved wife, Anna Elizabeth, shall have room in the said house, as well as necessary room in the cellar. If said son, Johann Adam, cannot abide in living together with his mother; then the said son, Johann Adam, or his heirs, shall be bound to build a desirable new house with a cellar there under, which shall be dry and warm, efficient and suitable as a new residence for my said wife; on the above said plantation at a desirable location, and must see that she has sufficient fire wood.

Further, Johann Adam shall give to his mother, yearly, fifteen pounds of flax and fifteen pounds of tow. Further, Johann Adam, shall give to his mother as many shoes as are necessary. He shall also give to her, yearly, 125 pounds of pork; and 50 pounds of beef. Further, my said wife shall have the best cow in the stable for her own use, and my son, Johann Adam, in summer, must put it in good pasture, and to be fed good in winter. Also, my son Johan Adam must give the mother as much bread, or wheat, as she has need for.

Further, My beloved children, Johann Adam, Eva Christina, and Johannes shall have of my movables, in advance, and as much as they want to have, until they, or each of them, are even or equal to my beloved eldest son, Johann Jacob, as is recorded against him in my account book. After that, however, what remains shall be divided into four equal shares and be distributed among my 4 dear children, namely, Johann, Jacob, Johann Adam, Eva Christina and Johannes.

Further, it is my will that all to be found in the house of meats, fat of all kinds, leather, and fustian cloth shall be in the hands of my wife, Johann Adam, and Johannes, all for their common use, and so shall remain for these three. So shall the above names persons have the right to as much wheat, as for their bread, that they will find necessary until the next harvest.

And now for the execution of this my last will and testament according to my true intent and to accomplish to content thereof, I name my much esteemed friends, Benjamin Spykert and Jacob Fisher as overseers and executors of this my present testament. I empower this and all of the above as the last will and testament of the above named, Johannes Anspach, by setting my hand and seal thereto, on this Twenty First day of January, in the year of Our Lord, One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Seven.

Undersigned, sealed and delivered of Johannes Anspach, Tulpehocken Township, Berks County, as his last will and testament, in the presence of us; we who have undersigned and sealed as witnesses:

Jacob [his x mark] Fischer
Peter [his X mark] Anspach

Balthazar Anspach Last Will & Testament 

In the name of God, amen.

I Balthasar Anspach, take to heart how all men are mortal, and the hour of death uncertain and thought proper I order my house while I am in good health and have my perfect understanding and memory. First of all I recommend my soul to the Almighty God who gave it and desire that my body may be decently and after a Christian manner buried after the immortal Spirit has left it and hope that by the mighty hand of God the same will be raised up again on the day of judgment to eternal life. 

Concerning my worldly goods; I give and bequeath the land after the following manner.

First; I give and bequeath unto my deceased son John George Anspach's children to wit: John Jacob, John George, and Anna Margaret and to their heirs and assigned forever the plantation their aforesaid deceased father had in perpetuation together with the one hundred twenty five acres of land there unto belong with the condition that they pay to my daughter Maria Barbara nineteen pounds.

Secondly; I give and bequeath unto my son Peter Anspach and his heirs and assigned forever the plantation he now lives on with one hundred twenty five acres of land thereto belonging to him with the condition that he pay unto my daughter Maria Barbara the sum of nineteen pounds.

Thirdly; I give and bequeath unto my son John Anspach the plantation where on I now live with the one hundred twenty five acres of land here unto belonging to him and his heirs and assigned forever with the condition that he allow my loving wife Anna Maria her widows chair and her dowry out of it and shall pay unto my daughter, Catrine, nineteen pounds.

Fourthly; I give and bequeath unto my son Leonard Anspach that one hundred and fifty acres of land I purchased of the attorney of W. Thomas Freame together with the improvements thereon made to him, his heirs and assigned forever, he paying unto my aforesaid daughter (Catrine) the sum of nineteen pounds fifty. I give and bequeath unto my aforesaid loving wife a full third part of all my movables over and above what I bequeathed on her heretofore and I appoint her to be my sole executor to execute this my last will according to the true meaning thereof.

Finally; I give unto my sons John and Leonard each a cow and my daughter Catrine the best mare and two cows (before division made) in consideration to what the other children had before of me in order to make this division all equal. The rest of my movables shall be equally divided among all my children and my three aforesaid grandchildren shall have a share equally to be divided among them. The sum and sums of money here in before given to my daughters Maria Barbara and Caterine shall unto them or after their deceased to their heirs or assigned be paid as easy or conveniently can be by my sons aforesaid. This is my last will and I do hereby annul all former wills. In witness whereof I have set my hand and seal hereto dated the fifth day of September in the year of our Lord, 1744. In the presence of Wm. Peter Klob, Adam Deifenbach, Herman Walborn.

I Balthasar Anspach, ordain further that the watering waters and water on the land I gave herein to my before said sons shall be of equal use for them, their heirs and assigned forever.

Re dated and signed by witnesses. 

Saloma Chandler (wife of Jacob Anspach) Last Will & Testament

Will Book 5, p. 212

Courthouse at Greensburg, IN.

(Only the body of the will is copied here)

Item 1. I give and devise to Joseph Anspach's heirs: Frank Anspach, Geo. Anspach, Sarah Chandler, Dora Mountz, Lida Brooks, Josephine Thompson, each of them, one acre off of the North end of the land as follows: A part of the west half of the northeast quarter of section twenty two twp. eleven, range eight and being all of said eighty south and east of the lands this day deeded by said commissioner to the heirs of Joseph Anspach deceased. Except what is owned by James Sumpter, and containing thirty acres and a strip two acres wide off the west side thereof was paid for by Moses Parkison, the husband of said Soloma Parkison, now then said eighty acre tract was owned by Jacob Anspach at the time of his death.

Item 2. I give and devise to Solomon Anspach's heirs: Albert Anspach, Mary and Josephine each two acres a piece off of the same tract, north end, above described land. 

Item 3. I give and devise to Anna Inman (her step-daughter) six acres already deeded for, and eight acres more off of the south part of said tract herein mentioned, to join said land that she bought making in all fourteen acres, this six to be understood as land owned by Moses Parkison and Saloma Parkison.

Item 4. I give and devise to Sarah Titsort the remaining eight acres more or less, which has the improvements on. Always to be understood that my debts shall be fully paid and funeral expenses before any division of land is made. Also to be erected a cheap monument to my grave. 

Sept. 25, 1897

(Grandson Thomas Titsort was made executor, but declined in favor of Geo. Favors)

(**Anspach's & Leffler's Book Part II -Leffler's- Pg. L3:17)

The guardianship (Sept. term 1827, Butler Co., probate records at Hamilton, Ohio) of all four of Solomon Leffler's children were put in the care of Jacob Anspaugh until each of the girls reached the age of twelve, and the boys fourteen. This Jacob Aunspaugh had two sisters who married Leffler's and Jacob's mother like Solomon's mother was a Reed, Rieth, etc.

(**Anspach & Leffler's Part I - Anspach - Pg. A5:24) 

In 1826 when Solomon and Margaret Leffler died, Jacob became a guardian of their four children, or at least the two girls. The children were: Salome b. 1818, Sarah b. 1820, Michael b. 1823, and Solomon Jr. b. 1826. 

By 1830, Jacob, his parents, wife and at least the Leffler daughters moved to Adams Twp., Decatur Co., Indiana where he purchased the first land patent in 1828. For the Leffler children, in the name of the estate of Solomon Leffler (etal) he or relatives of Solomon had purchased a strip of land next to his. In later years he added more land to his holdings. 

Jacob was a charter member and founder of the Union Chapel Church in 1833 which originally met in the Anspach school located in the middle of section 15. It was organized by Rev. Aaron Farmer. 

  • Information found in "Faces Westward", cousin Catherine Anspach was quoted as saying this Jacob was called "Old Uncle Jacob" by the children. 

Decatur County, Indiana Court Probates
Probate Order Book "A" 1826-1848 Pg. 94

Page 61. Jacob Anspach the administrator of the estate of Samuel Lefler deceased VS Catherine, Henry, Mary, Philip, Samuel, Lydia, Abraham, Elizabeth and John Lefler - heirs at law of Samuel deceased and Catherine Lefler the widow in a petition to sell real estate. Jacob filed a bond for this sale with Timothy Ridlen and Jacob Thomas as his securities. May 8, 1837 (Have copy of this on file)

Probate Order Book "B" 1822-1848 Pg. 79

Page 491. Jacob Anspach was chosen to be their guardian by Solomon Leffler deceased - late of Butler Co., Ohio. Jacob Thomas was the security for the gdn. Feb. 9, 1836 (Have copy of this on file)

Probate Order Book "B" 1831-1836

(Note: We dont have the probate book notes on this one, but do have the actual document it reads)

Page 511. I Henry H. Talbott, clerk of the probate court of Decatur County in the state of Indiana, do certify that Jacob Anspach is duly appointed guardian of the persons and estate of Soloma Lefler and Sarah Lefler heirs of Solomon Lefler late of Butler County, Ohio deceased, and has given bond and taken the oath prescribed by the statue in such case made and provided. Feb. 22, 1836

Probate Order Book "B" 1822-1848 Pg. 81

Page 513, 517, 518, 523 & 524. Jacob Anspach was appointed administrator of the estate of Samuel Leffler deceased. March 3, 1836 (Have copy of this on file)

Probate Order Book "C" 1822-1848 Pg. 86

Page 8. Jacob Anspach administrator of the estate of Samuel Lefler deceased, petitioned the court to sell Samuel's real estate to pay the debts of the estate. *Catherine, Henry, Mary, Philip, Samuel (Jr.), Lydia, Abraham, Elizabeth and John Leffler and Catherine the widow were all listed as heirs of Samuel deceased. *Non residents of Indiana. Nov. 14, 1836 (Have a copy of this on file)

Probate Order Book "C" 1836-1841 

Page 61. Jacob Anspach, administrator of the estate of Samuel Lefler VS Catherine Lefler, Henry Lefler, Mary Lefler, Philip Lefler, Samuel Lefler, Lydia Lefler, Abraham Lefler, Elizabeth Lefler and John Lefler, heirs at law of Samuel Lefler, deceased and Catherine Lefler widow of dec. petition for the sale of real estate to be made of sets in the hand of the administrator for the purpose of paying the debt of the deceased.

Probate Order Book "D" 1822-1848 Pg. 197

Page 387. On her application, Catherine Thomas was appointed administratrix of the estate of Jacob Thomas deceased with Jacob Anspach and Timothy Ridlen as her securities. Sept. 14, 1843

Probate Order Book "E" 1822-1848 Pg. 220

Page 69. Joseph, Francis and Jehu Mulford Corwin all over fourteen came in court and chose Richard Corwin to be their guardian. Richard was also appointed the guardian of Wilson Thompson and Nelson Corwin under fourteen with Jacob Anspach as his security. Nov. 26, 1844

Probate Order Book "E" 1822-1844 Pg. 241

Page 331. On motion, Thomas Deem was appointed administrator of the estate of William Chambers deceased with Jacob Anspach as his security. The widow Barbara relinquished her right to act as admx. Dec. 2, 1845

Probate Order Book "E" 1822-1848 Pg. 261

Page 572. An inventory of the personal property of John Corwin deceased was here entered appraised by Frederick Shuppert and Jacob Anspach and it included a silver watch, two promissory notes due the deceased, money coming from his mother, and some household and farm items. A sale bill for same was also listed with Samuel McKee as clerk. Sept. 12, 1846

Probate Order Book "F" 1822-1848 Pg. 265

Page 25. Margaret, Alexander and Thomas Chambers minor heirs of William Chambers deceased chose Jacob Anspach to be their guardian. Dec. 1, 1846

Probate Order Book "F" 1822-1848 Pg. 284

Page 259. cont., was to clear some of the land as his rent payment. He had also rented the part of the land that was Barbara Chambers' dower and which now belonged to his wards. John was discharged as gdn. and Jacob Anspach was appointed to succeed him with Thomas Deem as his security. Nov. 8, 1847

Probate Order Book "F" 1822-1848 Pg. 292

Page 369. On his application, Jacob Anspach was appointed administrator of the estate of James Hall deceased with Richard Ayres as his security. The widow relinquished her right to act as admx. Feb. 17, 1848

** The Anspach & Leffler Book was written by Josephine Goyke & Jacqueline Ryan. We are using parts of their book with permission from a fellow researcher who is related to the writers of this book. 

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